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30 Nov 23 | Job & Opportunities

We are looking for creatives and academics to work with the Cultural Programme to deliver new, public facing work or incubate new ideas.  If you are interested in collaborating with us and are excited at working in partnership with either a creative or an academic but don’t know who to approach, let us know and we will see if there is someone that we think may be excited to connect with you

The Cultural programme will invest up to £10,000 plus you will receive support to develop and produce your idea.

We currently have two open calls:

To develop a project with us, your proposal should be audience-focused and have a clear strategy to reach a diverse audience. All the projects we take forward will have support from a dedicated Event Manager. The breakdown of cash spend/in-kind support is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Incubation Projects enable early-stage work with artists and/or cultural partners. At this stage they do not need public engagement, but they must demonstrate the potential to engage with audiences in future stages to qualify for support.

The investment for both schemes is capped at £10,000.

The Cultural Programme (CP) brings together local, university and global cultural communities in a physical and digital arts centre powered by the University of Oxford’s research. Based in the performance and public spaces in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities, we will promote broad engagement with the riches of the humanities by working with outstanding artists, writers, and thinkers from around the world to create and present world-class arts and culture. Innovative and diverse, our programmes will be delivered in collaboration with university, local, national, and international partners.

During 2023 and 2024 in the lead up to the opening of the Schwarzman Centre, we are presenting a programme which involves the development, creation, public performance/exhibition, dissemination or discussion of professional or community cultural activity of any kind (music, theatre, spoken word, comedy, dance, film, installations, exhibitions, displays, digital work etc.) for public audiences.

 The CP will include both individual projects and significant strands of work which enable us to deliver increased impact through association.  These strands are likely to include work focused Medical Humanities (Autumn 2024).

The first stage is a one-page Expression of Interest (EOI). The purpose of the first round of assessment is to assess the general idea behind a project. We will review EOI and may pick up a conversation with you to develop your ideas or introduce you to potential partners. EOIs should be submitted by email by the deadlines listed below.

First round EOI should:

The purpose of the second round is to evaluate proposals in more depth, to consider them alongside other applications and in the context of Cultural Programme’s broader programme of activity. The team will work with applicants to produce detailed plans for the project including logistical and financial planning. At stage 2, all proposals are considered by an independent panel.

Second round applications should also demonstrate:

Applicants are advised of the outcome within 4 weeks of the Second Stage deadline.

Further Details:

Timeframe: Early applications are welcomed for both schemes. Proposals must be for delivery at least 6 months from the Expression of Interest and for completion before the end of 2025.  We anticipate the next round of projects to start from October 2024. We invite applicants to talk to us first if they want to apply over a shorter time frame.

Audience: Proposals should be audience-focused and have a clear strategy to reach a diverse audience. 

Venues: Activities can take place anywhere, physically, or virtually.  The CP has a particular focus on developing audience relationships in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Planning requirements: Applicants should consider equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging and environmental sustainability in your proposals.

Public Engagement: Applicants can propose activity that is part of an already planned research or education programme (such as a DPhil or developing research project). However, to be supported by the Cultural Programme, both audience and cultural work must sit at the heart of the project – this may necessitate some re-imagining of existing research or education frameworks.

Eligible applicants: Internal applications should be submitted by an individual with an employment contract or studentship that covers the entire timeline of the project. External parties are advised to discuss how to apply in advance by emailing

CLOSED First Stage – Expression of interest
Friday 8 Mar 5pm       Second Stage deadline

Friday 24 May 5pm         First Stage – Expression of interest
Friday 28 June 5pm        Second Stage deadline

Please submit your proposal via the downloadable form below to  and include the name of the fund and the lead applicant’s name in the subject line of the email.

30 Nov 23

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